Natural & Alternative Health Solutions for the Body, Mind & Spirit
We are an independent, family run business located in the South of the United Kingdom.
For over 15 years we have involved ourself in study and market research relating to
well-being, health and environmental issues. Our aim
is to provide UN-biased information
and offer some of the most natural and safe products that can be obtained anywhere.

Carefully selected Supplements, Nutritional and Personal Care products, range of
Educational material - Books, Reports, DVDs & CDs,
all of which can help with maintaining optimum health & well-being...... Naturally

The Greatest Medicine of all is to teach yourself how not to need it.........
Vitamins, Minerals, Systemic Enzymes
Organic Apricot Kernels *
Health Documentaries & Lectures
Reports, Articles CD's Books/E-books
Full Spectrum Food form Vitamins
Ionic Minerals & Colloidal Silver *
Starfood Ormus Greens
Wholefood & Vitamin Powders
Apricot Seed enapsulated powder * 
Free Research & Information  
Amino Acids
and more..........

Live Presentations
* Due to EU/UK regulations these items are not intentionally marketed as food supplements.

Staying healthy is increasingly challenging, due to continuing introduction of new wireless technology, restrictive regulations
relating to the sale of raw foods and supplements

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Updated April 2019

Campaign for Truth in Medicine    Alliance-for-Natural-Health

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Pursuit of Health & Happiness, along with how we achieve it,
is Our God Given Right !

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"Improved Health & Living through Greater Knowledge"

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