The Importance of Nitrilosides & Enzymes for Overall Health

It's ones own body that "cures" and prevents cancer and other life threatening conditions, not the treatment or even various nutrients, however there are certain factors that the body needs in plentiful supply so it can do the job properly.

So what is the mechanism that the body uses to prevent these conditions such as cancer in the course of our daily lives?

This was the question asked by a Dedicated Embryologist, Dr. John Beard. His research is documented (and mostly ignored by mainstream medical science) in “The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer and Its Scientific Basis” which was copyrighted as long ago as 1911!!!


He proved that if there are enough of the protein digesting Enzymes in the body, that cancer cannot get a grip. So what is important to note, is that these are the First line of defence against the disease. Enzymes are produced in the body by the pancreas, but this does have a limited capacity, so foods that also contain enzymes are very important to top up supply.

 The problem though is that in our modern lifestyle, Cooked, Refined and Processed Foods have no enzymes, so therefore the body can be at an increased risk of cancer when the pancreas can no longer produce a reasonable supply of protein digesting enzymes.

So, in order to help the Pancreas we can consume the following :- Tropical fruits like Papaya along with their seeds, and Pineapples (their enzymes closely mimic the protein digesting enzymes made by the pancreas. We can also supplement our diet with Digestive or better still, “Systemic” enzymes such as those available on our site which can also help with many other problems people suffer from in this day and age.

As said above, the First line of defence against cancer is protein digesting and other food enzymes, all of which can be obtained from RAW Whole Foods.


These are our second line of defense and were discovered by Dr. Ernst Krebs, M.D. who in the 1920's discovered that these suppress cancer cells, it's was Krebs that named them, as a food factor with the vitamin number B17.

Again in the modern world many foods that contain B17 have been removed from the average diet. However there are many foods that are known to contain Nitrilosides, so for the body to maintain a cancer free body all that appears to be needed is the ingestion of Enzyme & Nitriloside containing foods on a regular basis as below.

Whole foods :-  Apricot Kernels, Raw Fruits, Deep Green Leafy Vegetables and Nuts also refer to the list of B17 foods on our site.

I am sure that you would agree, that if we wish to remain cancer free, it is so important to know that there is something we can do to prevent & overcome what had arguably become the most devastating disease of our time!!


May 2008

Please note that the information in the above article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to offer diagnosis or be the offer of any medical advice.

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